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This is often mistaken for rosacea. All skin shades and types can suffer from sensitivity and redness. However, fairer skins are more prone to visible redness. 


A sensitive, reddened skin is an impaired skin barrier caused by topical skincare ingredients that disrupt and strip the skin of its natural protective layer – the acid mantle. Often, the culprits are soap, body wash, face wash, facial wipes, emulsifiers, mineral oils, perfume, preservatives, colourants and steroids or cortisone. All this makes the skin sensitive, inflamed and angry. This skin condition is relatively easy to treat as the turn around can be very quick once the cause is identified. The problem can be solved by:


  • removing anything that is disrupting the skin barrier

  • repairing the outer most layer of the skin using cleansers and moisturisers that are physiologic to the skin such as products containing Derma Membrane Structure

  • nourishing the skin with extracts, oils or lotions prescribed specifically for you


Redness that sits deeper within the skin is more likely linked to damage at the dermal junction (the layer that separates the epidermis and dermis). Beneath this junction is a network of capillaries that feed the skin cells and lymphatic system that takes away wastes. If the capillaries can be seen with the naked eye, this is an indication that the dermal junction is damaged and the skin is trying to heal itself, hence the capillaries multiply and make their way up to try and get nutrients and oxygen to help repair the damage. This type of redness is more complex and requires a more comprehensive approach to repair the deeper tissue. Depending on the client, level of sensitivity and redness, we use a combination of any of these modalities - Vitamin Enhancing Treatment, Dermal Needling, LED Light Therapy and vital skincare ingredients to strengthen the capillaries.

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