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Brow shaping, brow tinting, lash tinting. We do any combination of the above. Brow shaping is done using warm wax then finished off using tweezers for that sharp, “on fleek” look.

Ombré  Brows


This is the latest cosmetic tattoo technique that gives the brows a soft, natural powdery look.  At Skin Image, it is achieved by using a digital machine that drives a needle to create tiny, shallow punctures into the skin allowing the technician to implant ink into the very top layer of the skin. Because the needle moves extremely fast, penetrating the epidermis only, there is minimal pain.


The beauty with ombré  brows is that it is very gentle, hence the results are soft and natural. making it suitable for all skin types of all ages, even mature thin skin.


Before the procedure, I start with a consultation to understand your expectation eg. what you’re looking for in terms of shape and colour and to discuss any allergies you might have. You will then be booked in for the procedure which involve 2 sessions about 6 weeks apart. 


The first session


This takes about 2 and a half hours where the majority of time will be spent measuring and drawing until we get it absolutely right for your face shape. This part of the procedure cannot be rushed or underestimated as preparation is key to achieving perfect brows. I then meticulously give shape and fullness to your eyebrows.


The second session


I call this a perfection session where I perfect the brows, filling in any gaps and giving them that finished look.

Is the procedure painful?


No, because a topical anaesthetic will be used during the procedure.


How long will they last?

The effect is semi-permanent. As the ink is only implanted superficially in the epidermis and as our skin sheds and renews itself all the time, your brows will fade over time. It’s usual to have them freshened every 18 months to 2 years.


Will it be sore and red afterwards?


No. The brows will look beautiful. They will feel a little raw but this will only last a few hours.


How do I look after them?


You will be given After Care instructions detailing how to look after your brows straight after the procedure. Once they’re healed (usually in about 7-10 days), you just go about your routine as per normal. The best thing is you’ll never have to spend hours every morning colouring them in again.


Same as ombré brows above WITH THE ADDITION of hair strokes at the beginning of the brows. This is suitable for clients with very little or no hair at the beginning of their brows



This is cosmetic tattoo along the upper lash lines making the eyes appear bigger. Just like how you'd apply eyeliner! Sometimes this can be made more dramatic by adding a bit of a wing at the end. We recommend you book in for a consultation to determine suitability.

Charmaine Brows 2.jpeg
Vicky eyeliner 1.jpeg

EYES & BROWS - before + after

THE EYES - before and afte
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