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Lip Blush / Tinted Lips


Lip Blush or Tinted Lips is perfect for someone who would like more colour and definition to their lips. It is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo technique that layers the colour into the lips to achieve a tinted, natural lip colour.


As we age, our lips and skin “merge” so lips appear thinner and more pale making us look washed out. Wearing lipstick can be frustrating if they bleed into the lines. With Lip Blush, you can have youthful lips again.


For the younger women, lip blush can help define the cupid’s bow, give an illusion of fuller lips and even soften dark brown/purple lips.


Before the procedure, I start with a consultation to understand your expectation eg. what you’re looking for in terms of colour and to discuss any allergies you might have. You will then be booked in for the procedure which involve 2 sessions about 8 weeks apart. For dark lips, more than 2 sessions may be required and this will be discussed at the consultation.


The first session


This takes about 2 and a half hours where the majority of time will be spent measuring and outlining until we get it absolutely right. This part of the procedure cannot be rushed or underestimated as preparation is key. I then meticulously implant ink very lightly layer by layer until depth and fullness is achieved.


The second session


I call this a perfection session where I perfect the lips, filling in any gaps and giving them that finished look.

Is the procedure painful?


No, because a topical anaesthetic will be used during the procedure.


How long will they last?

As the lips heal, colour will fade by about 30% leaving them looking very soft and natural. It’s usual to have them freshened every 2 years.


Will it be sore and red afterwards?


Lips will be slightly swollen and sensitive straight after the treatment, then go back to normal within a few hours.


How do I look after them?


You will be given After Care instructions detailing how to look after your lips straight after the procedure. Once they’re healed (usually in about 7-10 days), you just go about your routine as per normal.

MC lips front.jpeg

LIP BLUSH TREATMENTS - before + after

Lip Blush
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