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This is not limited to boys and teenagers. Everyone and every skin type can be afflicted with blackheads and congestion (these two conditions often go together). 



All skin cells (keratinocytes) are programed to shed. A healthy keratinocyte has a life cycle of about 28 days from the day it’s formed to the day it sheds. When skin cells are not healthy or the enzymatic activities of the skin is impaired, cells struggle to shed thus forming a layer of dead skin cells that just sit on the surface making the skin look dull and tired.


Blackheads or open comedones form when dead skin cells collect in the opening of the hair follicles forming a plug. Combined with sebum in the hair follicles, these plugs get oxidised and turn black.


The solution to blackheads and congestion involves helping the skin to naturally desquamate (or exfoliate). We do this using a course of enzyme peels to loosen and remove superficial skin cells. For long lasting results it is important to have a good routine of cleanse, tone, serum and moisturize using a keratolytic agent as a key active. Our normal prescription for this condition would be:


  • bespoke cleanser (we formulate this to your specific skin).

  • PlutioDerm Fluid. This is a powerful serum combining salicylic acid with a liposomal delivery system that can directly penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. 

  • PlutioDerm Plus moisturizer

  • Lotion P

This condition is relatively easy to address and prevent with the correct treatments and skincare.

Blackheads congestion_sm.jpg

BLACKHEADS - before + after

BLACKHEADS - Before and After
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